Arabinogalactan in animal feed

Arabinogalactan in animal feed is an approved additive easily incorporated into feed formulas and is approved by the FDA for direct addition to food and holds GRAS status.

Animal testing carried out on calves, piglets and broiler chickens established that AG maintains the right amount of bifid bacteria and lactobacilli in gastrointestinal tract of animals, thus, improving nutrition effectiveness, helping to gain weight and reducing the need in routine antibiotics. At daily value of 6 g calves’ weight gain rose by 5% without any cases of dysentery.

The Finish researchers concluded that feed grade larch Arabinogalactan is a possible natural feed ingredient replacement for routine sub-therapeutic antibiotics in swine feeds. Chicks from hatching to market age were fed with feed containing Arabinogalactan and followed for changes in gut microflora, feed efficiency and weight gain.

Arabinogalactan hydrolysis 0,1—0,2% H2SO4 and fermentation of obtained galactose into alcohol CeH12Oe —» 2С2Н50Н + 2СОа. Fermentation is carried out with the help of special yeast. Arabinose is not fermented into alcohol. However, it is possible to find biochemical application for both galactose and arabinose (cultivation on hydrolizate of feed yeast).

Arabinogalactan main use is as a replacement for gum arabic, guar gum, and starch in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It is important to use biobased products like an environmentally-friendly product Arabinogalactan, which is fully competitive to its equivalent products. Manufacturing Arabinogalactan leads to the efficient land distribution, leaving more land for agricultural purposes, plays essential role on environment preservation – manufacturers use non-polluting biorefinery processes.

It is also used as a low-calorie bulking agent in admixture with artificial sweeteners and can also be used to make other low-calorie products. It has some unusual properties in that it is reported that it can inhibit the setting of Portland cement.

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Also Arabinogalactan is used in production of plant growth stimulators and mineral fertilizers.