Arabinogalactan in construction

Arabinogalactan in construction: arabinogalactan in the construction field is used for its solubility, viscosity, elasticity, low toxicity and other positive improving properties. Arabinogalactan plays an important role of a colloidal system stabilizer.

Nowadays Arabinogalactan is used to improve paint, emulsion, glue, cement, putty, suspensions and other products. It is used to increase the stability of emulsions and color, it is increasing the strength, printing and other properties of color, it improves saturation and brightness of color. Arabinogalactan can be used as an additive in the way it is or combining it with glue. Thus making a product more eco-friendly and also production expenses are lower by adding arabinogalactan to products.

Arabinogalactan solution can be used as a glue, replacing gum arabic, which is hard to obtain, and starch (food raw material), thus, minimizing consumption of agricultural crop in biorefineries to produce starch or gum аrabic. Surface-active and gluing properties of this polysaccharide combined with low viscosity of strong solutions provide new perspectives of Arabinogalactan application.

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Also Arabinogalactan is used in production of plant growth stimulators and mineral fertilizers.