Arabinogalactan in pharmacy

Arabinogalactan in pharmacy industry is widely used. This versatile extract has grown in popularity due to its reported ability to enhance immune function and fight certain diseases. Arabinogalactan is a unique natural polysaccharide which plays an important role in technology, food industry and medicine. It is versatile and incredible biologically active. Arabinogalactan modification strategy presupposes using it as a synthon for creation polyfunctional drugs. It can be used in order to increase absorptive capacities of other medicines with low bioavailability. Arabinogalactan can also serve for delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents, as well as enzymes, nucleic acids, vitamins or hormones to certain cells, in particular, hepatocytes (parenchymal liver cells).

Arabinogalactan largely lowers toxicity level of medicines and raises their efficiency.

Arabinogalactan main use is as a replacement for gum arabic, guar gum, and starch in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It is important to use biobased products like an environmentally-friendly product Arabinogalactan, which is fully competitive to its equivalent products. Manufacturing Arabinogalactan leads to the efficient land distribution, leaving more land for agricultural purposes, plays essential role on environment preservation – manufacturers use non-polluting biorefinery processes.

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Also Arabinogalactan is used in production of plant growth stimulators and mineral fertilizers.