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How to Use Pendant Lighting in a Variety of Spaces

October 30, 2019


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Metal, glass and wooden pendant lights are all popular choices. They come in mini, multi, drum, up light and down light versions. Explore these different styles below.

Mini Pendant Lights – As the tiniest version these can illuminate work spaces and kitchen islands well. They’re not thought of as ambient lighting, but can reinvent the feeling within a space more than any other options. They act as a focal point, or a lighting work of art as they are super stylish and can be quite chic. Anyone will find that they command attention and create vigor.

Multi Pendant LightsMulti Light Pendants are fixtures that feature multiple hanging lights, all connected to a centralized point. They give a comparable look to individuals only they’re better for a room with one overhead electrical point for connecting. They are sensational, striking and versatile. Use glass or wooden pendant lights over a table of any kind, work areas or even kitchen islands and counters.

Drum Pendant LightsDrum Pendants are light fixtures featuring a cylindrical drum-style shade. These types work seamlessly in every room. Choose a basic white cloth shade or a dark shade with metal features. There are also patterned shades to add fun, as well as double or triple concentric styles that have gained in popularity as of late. Anyone that wants to add some style can easily do so with a drum, pendant light.

Up Light PendantsUp Light Pendants are fixtures that shine light upward. This type is great for basic lighting, as the light shines skyward and can enlarge a space with ease. One will find that ceramic, glass or wooden pendant lights in this style make a statement.

Down Light PendantsDown Light Pendants are fixtures that shine direct light downward, and they are best for work lighting to completely illuminate any task at hand.

How to Place Pendant Lights

Correct placement of glass or wooden pendant lights is essential to creating a decorative and task driven appeal. Common places for them are over a dining table, kitchen island, billiard table, hallway or bathroom however there really is no limit to their placement.

In kitchens over an island, they are usually for tasks, but can also augment design elements. They should be thirty to forty inches above the surface, and definitely not get in the way of a cooktop if one is present. However, they should be low enough to help with reading that favorite recipe.

In the dining room, these lights can replace the classic chandelier of days past to play with the appearance and style completely. The lights should be thirty to thirty-six inches above the table, and possibly higher for a larger table. A lower placed light will create a cozy atmosphere, but beware of having it so low that it shines into diners’ eyes.

In hallways and other areas, it adds grace and striking style. The light and shadows cast by them is astounding. Hang them in an even row down the length of a hall for a classic look, or hang one by itself or in a cluster in a foyer. The length should fall between twelve and sixteen inches for a typical 8-foot ceiling, and eighteen to twenty-four for taller ceilings.

It’s important to remember that no one is limited to using glass, ceramic and wooden pendant lights among others only for the places discussed. One should always be open to their imagination when it comes to decorating their home.

Choose the Best Dining Room Chandelier

October 30, 2019


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What to Consider

Chandeliers can be chosen depending on a few easily gauged factors. First, the size of the room where the chandelier is to be installed needs to be assessed. Large dining halls can accommodate grand chandeliers while smaller cozier rooms would look great with small and medium chandeliers. Second, consider the planned color and decor scheme of the dining room. So home buyers should choose chandeliers with suitable designs and color finish in the metal and glass parts. Compared to the bulky, high maintenance fixtures of previous years, modern chandeliers are much lighter thanks to the use of LEDs and lighter metal parts. Based on the size, chandeliers are classified as small and miniature chandeliers, medium chandeliers, large chandeliers and grand and custom chandeliers.

Small and Miniature Chandeliers

These hanging lights are suitable for illuminating hallways, patios and dining room nooks. These hanging lights can be installed singly or as multiple sets. The best models are from Hubbardton Forge, Northeast Lantern, Hudson Valley, Framburg and Seagull among others. The small sized chandeliers also come in a variety of styles like baroque, contemporary and rustic and are made of eclectic materials like iron, steel, wood and natural stone screens. Some of the popular small and miniature models are Clifton by Hudson Valley, Bentley by Troy Lighting, Warwick by Framburg and Malibu by Murray Feiss. Many firms also offer downsized variants of their large models, so homebuyers should also ask around for the mini versions of their favorite large chandeliers.

Medium Chandeliers

Medium chandeliers are characterized by a wide variety of light sources. They range from three- light, four-light and five-light models going all the way up to 10-arm chandeliers. Medium chandeliers can be installed both in dining rooms and in entryways with tall ceilings. Some of the popular models are Alpine, Bolton and Yorktown ranges by Hudson Valley, Rialto, Manor House and Sussex by Seagull Lighting, Carmel, Dartmouth and Evergreen by Arroyo Craftsman, Madeira, Ethan and Cascade by Murray Feiss and Paradox, Raiden and Salon Grand by Minka Lavery.

Large Chandeliers

Large chandeliers are suitable as the focal lighting decor element in a large dining room. These chandeliers are often multi-tier creations where form is prized as much as function. Traditional and contemporary designs are available in plenty here. The most popular models are Jefferson by Hudson Valley, Sarabande and Baroness by Framburg and Malia and Caprice by Murray Feiss.

Grand and Custom Chandeliers

Grand chandeliers are the crème de la crème of hanging lights. The design features intricate metalwork and a huge array of lights sources. Custom chandeliers are even more intricate and are often produced as one-off pieces on a firm order. Czarina by Framburg, Maarid by Murray Feiss and Aston Court by Minka Lavery are three of the most popular grand chandelier designs.

Add the Living Room Allure by Installing Troy Lighting Chandeliers

October 30, 2019


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Chandeliers are significant

Fixing chandeliers is one of the practical ways to sprinkle that extra charm within commercial as well as residential buildings, which will augment the interior allure. By this way, the overall ambience will get a face-lift. However, while selecting chandeliers, you must be very much selective and must pick the correct models that will go well with the spaces where you are going to hang them. You can visit the websites of prominent dealers who sell top variety chandeliers such as Troy Lighting chandeliers. In such stores, there will be a grand collection of numerous models of chandeliers, and this will surely make your selection process easy.

Select the Piece According to the Space

You should choose small chandeliers for smaller spaces and large ones for covering bigger areas. Practically, petite-sized chandeliers will be useful for hanging in small corridors or dining room; this will make these spaces more attractive. If your intention is to install the chandelier in the living room, then of course, you should select an ornamental piece; this is imperative for intensifying the existing elegance of the space. You must remember that if the item is a substandard one, then that will even spoil the prevailing magnificence. Wherever you fix the item, it is very important that you should go for the right model that has the right size and the right functionality. For making your choice perfect, it is practically advisable to choose the leading brands like the Troy Lighting chandeliers. This will make sure that the item you buy is fully functional and durable.

Troy Lighting Chandeliers – Smart Designs and Utilitarian

Troy Lighting Company has stamped their strong presence in the present-day market by floating various model lighting fixtures that bear different functionalities. Cutely designed chandeliers are one of such items that have already gained the appreciation of all segments of consumers. Durability and flawless functional capacity are the specialities of these chandlers. The completive price tag is an added advantage of this brand. Of course, there will be differences in the design, size, and in the incorporated functionalities. In the collection of Troy Lighting chandeliers, there are diverse models that you can classify as purely rustic, highly stylish, and the traditional candle-inspired chandeliers. You can pick the item by considering the overall settings of the space, which includes the color-pattern of the wall, curtains, window blinds, floor tiles, and the styles & designs of the other lighting fixtures and the furniture.

You Can Trust Established Merchants

The present market holds many types of chandeliers that vary in size, shape, and design. Nevertheless, you must go for the most suitable ones. For picking the most fitting ones, you must have a clear-cut awareness about the measurements and the practical significance of the related space. If it is for the main areas like the living room or the bedroom, obviously you should go for glamorous looking ones that spread out light evenly. For the more or less insignificant areas like the corridor or the veranda, you can select economical, but attractive items.

When you buy from leading merchants, you will get the technical advice, and this will certainly help you a lot. Besides, there will be a grand collection of various chandeliers like the Troy Lighting chandeliers, and this will provide you the luxury of choice. You can also expect to get good trade discounts and other customer-friendly facilities.

Tables Lamps For More Than Lighting

October 30, 2019


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When we think of tables be it in a room or an office, table lamps always come into mind. This is from the conception of the idea of having something to hold the source of lighting while using the table like when reading, writing or just working on them. These table lamps come in different shapes, designs, colors, lighting mode and many other differences. These have allowed them to used to make separate statements like decorating or adding a taste to the entire room décor. Read more about them and their uses for more specific tasks like beautifying the room let alone the table alone.

Tips on how to use them for decoration purposes.

When you intend to use them for purposes other than lighting a few things should be considered. These are the factors that will determine whether the proposed statement is well established or you just missed everything out.

Things to consider;

· The color of the lamp, how well it blends with the table or how well the color you want does come out concerning the intentions and the final outlook.

· Their design, there are those that have the old model design while other represent the modern makes. If you want to give an ancient atmosphere, for example, a former model will be fit, and it should be made of those materials used then.

· The material that makes the outer frame. Mostly they will constitute of a bulb holder, a cable to connect to a power source and the entire frame holding the lamp together. The frame material is what you should be concerned with; it should be of high quality to keep both its color and shape despite the heating by the bulb.

· How you control it. A table lamp should have a control mechanism like a switch, others are remotely controlled, but you cannot have the table lamp placed at the middle of the room where there is no power source to plug it in.

After establishing the above factors get yourself the most quality and energy efficient lamp for the table, one that will serve your purpose. The bulb used may be changed to suit your preference and ultimately give a different ambiance to the room.

How you arrange everything on the table should also matter, have as few objects on it as possible. Having a crowded table top may take away the focus from the table lamp. You can also arrange for example books on one corner of the table by stacking them.